Mindbender: Acorns

An elm tree was swaying in the wind. It had eight branches and on each tree branch were eight acorns. The wind blew an acorn off each branch. How many are left?



None- (acorns don't grow on elms..)

I disagree with the answer to number 18. The answer is actually 56 (8x8 - 8) regardless of the fact that acorns don't grow on elm trees. The question states that there are acorns on the elms branches, so there are! If the question was how many acorns were still growing on the branches then it would work! Great pages by the way!

Sent in by Darren Neely

#18 both answers are incorrect because:
i agree that the question clearly stated that acorns were infact growing on an elm tree, so you cant say they weren't. However, the answer 56 is also wrong because, although the acorns were blown off the tree, that doesn't mean they are not IN EXISTANCE, which is my interpretation of there, so the correct answer would be 64 (8x8)

Sent in by Robert Ehrlich

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