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  • Small ball such as a tennis ball. Suggestion that you use a soft ball if playing indoors or with young children
  • Cricket bat.

Virtually no preparation is needed for this, just some space to hit a ball around (without damaging things or players). Although this can be played by young children, it’s not for the very young as players will need to be able to understand the rules and be able to hold the cricket bat.

Cricket stumps are not needed. One player bats (the batsman) and has to stand still, legs together, and play without moving their feet, only their body. Everybody else is a fielder/bowler. The player with the bat has to defend his/her legs from being hit by the ball thrown by any other players. Players holding the ball may not move and can only throw from where they are standing. The ball may be thrown to another player or bowled under arm at the player holding the bat.

If the ball hits the legs of batsman, they are out. You can choose whether to take it in turns to hold the bat or the player that got the batsman out becomes the batsman.

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