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Four Square “New Jersey Rules”

by Kit
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Apparently becoming more of an art form than a game.

Create a large square shaped playing area and divide this into 4 equal quadrants. It’s suggested that you have quite large squares each about 8′ x 8′ approx (2.5m x 2.5m) ie a total playing area approx 16′ square or 5m square.

K 3
1 2

The person in charge of the game is called the King or Queen and takes the 4th Square. The ball starts every round with him/her.

The ball is bounced by the King/Queen into any other square. Players have to hit the ball into another square, but are out if:-

  • the ball does not bounce in your square before you hit it
  • the ball bounces more than once in your square before you hit it
  • the ball bounces in your square AFTER you hit it
  • the ball bounces on a line after you hit it
  • the ball bounces out of the four squares

There is a no spiking rule, which meant you had to hit the ball underhanded.

Lastly, if you’re out, all those in squares behind you move up one, and a new person enters the game.

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