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Cricket Soccer

Cricket, but played by kicking a football.

Divide into two equal(ish) teams one one fielding the other taking it in turn to bat. Set up two cricket stumps or cones to act as the wickets with the bowler throwing or rolling the football underarm to the batsman from about 5 paces away.

  • Batsman is out if the ball touches one of the stumps/bases or if the ball caught by a fielder before it touches the ground.
  • Batsman scores a run for each time they run the distance between each base. Ie 2 runs are scored if get to the other base and back.
  • Teams change over when all players in the batting team have had a chance to bat. (or if you wish played to a time limit).

Decide if you want to include a boundary and points for the ball passing it. Batting team typically scores 6 if the ball goes over the boundary without it touching the ground or 4 if it passes the boundary but touches the ground before the boundary.

[If you want to play this indoors, it might be better to use a softer or foam ball to make play easier and avoid the potential for injury or damage to property.]

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