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by Kit
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  • 2 base posts
  • 1 large ball
  • 1 rounders bat (baseball bats can be used, but rounders bats are better)


Place the base posts about 4m apart from each other.

Best thought of as a simplified version of cricket. Divide players into 2 teams or alternatively have everybody as a fielder and individuals take turns to bat. Batting team line by the base post/stump that will be used as the wicket. Fielding team spreads out and appoints a bowler and backstop.

If the batter hits the ball or if it touches the batter in any way they must run to the other stump and back again. The batsman can make as many runs as he/she likes so long as they are not caught or bowled out. To be caught out a member of the fielding team has to catch ball before it hits the ground. To be bowled out the fielding team has to hit the wicket stump/base post with the ball before the batsman reaches it. Whole runs are only scored if the batsman manages to run to the other stump and back to the wicket.

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