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Cricket Soccer

Cricket, but played by kicking a football. Divide into two equal(ish) teams one one fielding the other taking.


Although typically played with metal or wooden balls this can be played with any ball... just bear in.

Simon Says…

An old one, very simple, but still good to have up your sleeve, that I was reminded off.

Goalie Wars

Came across this one at football training and being played by some 4-6 year olds. Looks a good.


Attributed to Freddie, Reading, UK It is always fun watching or hearing about games that children invent using.


Please see Frizbee Football Ultimate is the official name of Frizbee Football and a recognised competative sport.

Frizbee Football

Frizbee's are better known as flying disks and Frizbee Football is a simplified version of Ultimate. The official.

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