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Squeak Piggy, Squeak

by Kit
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You will need:
– Blindfold

This one is old and has survived the trials of time. A popular party game particularly with younger children.

Players sit in a circle or around the room with two people in the middle, one of whom is blindfolded so they are unable to see. The other person is their guide who spins them around to disorientate them a little, then leads them to any of the seated players and helps the blindfolded person if necessary to sit on the seated person’s lap.

The blindfolded player when seated asks the player who they are sitting on to “Squeak Piggy, Squeak”. The player has to reply by squeaking or make any piggy sound they like but in a disguised voice. The blindfolded player is allowed 2 or 3 attempts to identify the person squeaking. If they fail they are guided to another player and carry on until they identify somebody or their guide feels its another person’s turn. Players who are identified take the place of the blindfolded person in the middle and the game starts over.

Consider using a cushion on laps as a way of making it more difficult to identify players, particularly when playing with a family of different ages.

Want a version for older players? Try “Are you my last lover?

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