by Kit
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Sent in by Gemma Hastings, Guides

You will need:
– 2 x Blindfolds. One for each witch.

This is a more linear version of Thief and Pirates Pistols

Two people are chosen to be the ‘witches’ who sit blindfolded at one end of a room with a bunch of keys placed between them. Everybody else sits at the other end of the room and one person chosen to be the ‘tapper’.

The tapper quietly moves around the players and chooses certain players by tapping them on the shoulder. When a player is tapped on the shoulder they have to get to the keys as quietly as they can. If the ‘witches’ hear them they have to point in the direction they think they heard the noise. If a player is pointed out they are out and have to sit down, but if they reach the keys they win.

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