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Pirates Pistols

by Kit
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You will need:
– Water pistol/s
– Blindfold
– A treasure to be guarded

A simple but fun variant of ‘Thief‘, so long as you don’t mind getting a bit wet!

Everyone sits in a large circle facing inwards with enough space behind to allow a person to walk behind around the outside of the circle. One player is chosen to be the ‘pirate’ and sits with the blindfold on in the middle of the circle with the ‘treasure’ in front of them. The leader then silently chooses one or two players from the seated players in the circle who then have to get up and go around the circle once, back to their positions, enter the circle, get the treasure and back to their position all without being detected by the pirate. The pirate uses the water pistols to try and shoot where they think anybody is moving. Anybody moving who gets wet has to sit back down and another person is chosen. If a player gets the treasure they become the pirate.

To avoid cheating a bit, the pirate should not make great sweeps of the pistol, but shoot directly at where they think a player is moving.

If treasure ‘happens’ to be noisy (like a set of keys), this makes it a little harder to steal the treasure without being detected ūüôā

Good for hot summer days (as well as any other days)

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