Wink Murder

by Kit
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  • King Killer

You will need:
– One piece of card for each player
– One card marked with an M, One with a ‘D’ and all others ‘X’ or blank.

Deal out all the cards. One to each player. Players are not allowed to see each other’s cards. The person who gets the ‘D’ becomes the detective and lets him/herself be known. All the other players keep their identity secret so that the person who received the ‘M’ does not reveal his/her identity as the murderer. When the game starts players can either be sitting in a circle or mingling about the room. If playing as a circle the detective stands in the middle and tries to catch the murderer out from there. When mingling, the detective just mingles with everybody else.

The murderer attempts to kill as many players as possible without being caught by winking at a player, who dies dramatically when they have been winked at. The detective can stop the game at any time and guess who they think it is, but they only have a total of three guesses. Shuffle the cards and start again when guessed correctly or all the detective’s guesses have been used up.

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