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[If anyone happens to know the origins of this game I would be very grateful.]

A game where the more the merrier, but an even number is required as players have to partner up. Partners stand in a large circle in their pairs so that everybody faces the middle with one partner of the pair standing behind the other. To start one pair is chosen. One of them becomes ‘He’ and stands in the centre of the circle, their partner then becomes ‘Tierce’ and stands outside the circle of players.

‘He’ has to stay on the inside of the circle and has the job of catching Tierce. Tierce can run either way round the circle on the outside and change direction as often as they wish looking for the opportunity to dash into the inside of the circle and stand in front of a pair without being touched by the person who is ‘He’. If Tierce succeeds and turns a group into a three the player at the rear of that group then becomes `Tierce’ and tries to get to the front of a pair again.

If the player who is ‘He’ successfully touches the player who is ‘Tierce’, then Tierce becomes the next ‘He’ and the person who was ‘He’ can choose to stand in front of any pair and make the rearmost player of that `Tierce’.

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