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The Chocolate Game

by Kit
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You will need:

  • 1 die.
  • Some items of clothing which you can quickly put on e.g. hat, gloves or oven gloves, scarf, etc.
  • Bar of chocolate on a plate (leave the wrapper on),
  • knife and fork.
  • [HINT: If you don’t want to see your bar of chocolate finished within a few minutes of the game starting make sure you’ve included a pair of oven gloves or other such thick woolly gloves as an item to wear!!]

Maybe it’s something about the chance to devour as much chocolate as you can (given the chance), or is it just the chocolate? ūüôā but this is a popular game. At least among the chocoholics.

Although you might be tempted to take the wrapper off the chocolate. Leaving it on helps prolong the game and makes it harder to get to the chocolate.

Put the plate with the chocolate on it, on the floor with the items of clothing around the plate. Players sit around this arrangement in a circle and take turns to roll the dice. When a player throws a 6, they attempt to put on all the clothing items properly before picking up the knife and fork in an attempt to get into the chocolate bar and eating it using the knife and fork only. Other players in the meantime continue to pass the die around and as soon as one throws another 6 they take the clothing from the other player, put it on and try to get as much chocolate as possible before the next 6 is thrown.

Be aware of who will playing this and adapt accordingly. Younger players may need things to be easier for them. You might like to consider using a pate of chocolate buttons as an alternative to a chocolate bar.

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