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Terrorist Hunt

by Kit
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(c) Kit Logan, 2001

This game is designed to provoke discussion and help demonstrate the problem of hunting down terrorists.

The object of this game is to hunt down the terrorists with as few a number of civilian casualties as possible.

To be effective you need around 20 or more players (but could possibly be played with fewer although you will have to scale down the numbers mentioned). For attack, if you have enough small soft foam balls (tennis ball size) you can either use these to throw or you can use straws and cotton buds (Q-tips) blowpipe fashion as described in Cotton Projectile Wars (CPW). Both methods are described but the safer method, if you are worried, is to use foam balls.

Spilt players up by using a normal pack of playing cards. For about 20 players take and shuffle 2 or 3 aces, 10 royal cards and make up the number of remaining cards needed so there is one card for each player from the numerics. Each player takes a card.

Royal cards (Jack, Queen, King) are Coalition
All numeric cards (two to ten) are ‘Civilians’
Aces are Terrorists

Those who are Coalition can declare themselves and separate from the group. Players who are terrorists keep their identity secret remaining with the Civilians. To help survive the game they need to remain undetected for as long as possible.

Mark out a large area big enough for everybody to sit in. Coalition players sit anywhere around the area drawn out. Everybody else, Civilians and Terrorists, sit anywhere within the area. Players once seated cannot move from that position for the duration of the game.

Each player is given a paper cup and foam balls or Cotton-buds and straws depending on which method you are using. Everybody balances their cup on their head. Players are allowed to put cups back if they fall off accidentally but if it is knocked off after being hit by a foam ball or cotton tip projectile, that player is out of the game and can either lie down or if it’s inconvenient just sit with their heads bowed to show they have become a casualty.

All players have the option at any point to combat. However, if they do take part they then become fair game for others to attack should they so wish. If they are not actively attacking they have to sit with arms folded. 


The Coalition have to find and destroy the terrorists and the terrorists to destroy as many of the Coalition as possible according to the following rules:


  • All players have the option whether to actively participate at any point during the game. Players sit with crossed arms to indicate they are not active in combat.
  • Non-combatant players can still be killed if their cup is hit by a foam ball or cotton bud projectile.
  • Only those players who are sitting without crossed arms may be attacked by Coalition or Civilians.
  • Coalition forces can only fire at Civilian targets who are shooting at them or known terrorists.
  • Civilians can choose whether to fire on Coalition forces or against other Civilians if they suspect or know them to be Terrorists.
  • Terrorists are exempt from most rules and can fire at anybody whether or not those players are actively taking part. But their objective is to destroy all Coalition forces. 
  • Terrorists can make themselves known and force 3 other Civilian players to take up arms against the Coalition.
  • When a Terrorist dies they put their hands on their heads to indicate who they were.
  • The game stops either when all Terrorists are eliminated, or all the Coalition are eliminated.

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