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aka “Lemonade Stand”
Credited to Elzbth343

Hi I have heard of and played a game called Lemonade stand and how you play is you first start off with $20.00 you use that money to buy products for the lemonade you make. Like on hot days you want to buy more products so when the month or game is over you want to end up with a good graph to show how you did.

A good game for groups and a possible fundraising activity. The principle is the same for any product that it is legal for your group or those taking part to make and sell. Products don’t have to be edible, but consumable items probably work best as there is a constant demand for them. You need however to be aware of any local laws controlling what you are producing and selling.

Basic principle:- Give each group a set amount of starting out money. From this money they have to produce a product and sell it at a profit (ie the capital amount of money plus extra). With this money, they can go on to make more of the product and continue to make a profit. Set a time limit on the length of time this game can be played or a set amount that has to be reached. The group with the most profit at the end or reaching the winning target first wins and gets a prize (or perhaps a share of the profit).

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