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Sword fighting

by Kit
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Sent in by Jago Burtenshaw

‘Ye old sword fighting with sticks’, simple and very old idea. Each person has a stick and uses it as a pretend sword. The aim is to touch the other player/s with it but to not get touched yourself. Players touched are out.

[ED note: There are no set rules, BUT to minimise the potential for injury, you may want to add some rules such as:

  • Players can only attack areas below the neck of their opponent/s (to avoid injury to the head or face).
  • No attacking of players who are unarmed or not ready.
  • Players who can not or will not obey the rules do not play!

Caution icon All games like this one work if played properly, but common sense is required here as there is a risk of harm to self and others. Additional rules and/or supervision of play by a responsible person may be required.

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