Sumo Wrestling ‘Playscheme Style’

AKA: Ankle Sumo

Preparation: Large circle at least 4 metres in diameter – marked out using string or chalk. Official Sumo arenas are 4.55m in diameter.

An ideal game for those feeling active to lose some steam. Girls, as well as boys, like to play this so don’t be sexist! Create a large circle at least 4 metres in diameter. Although it can be played, with those playing creating the circle, it is safer to have all those playing sitting away from the ring to avoid possible problems, such as competitors falling on spectators.

As in Sumo, the objective is either to get your opponent out of the ring or down on the ground, but there the similarity ends! Starting at opposite sides of the ring, competitors in ‘Playscheme Style’ players must ‘at all times’ keep their hands on their ankles and in this position try to win their bout by either outmanoeuvring or shoving their opponent out of the ring (no hands remember!).

Often found it best to ask who wants to have a go and after picking one of these letting them select from the remaining hands who they want to challenge (and of course if the challenged individual accepts!)

If you want, each bout can be preceded by a certain amount of invented ceremony. Such as players bowing to each other, from the waist, with palms pressed together with a fictitious greeting like “Hock-a cha”.

You may also want to get everybody at the start or at the end to try the ‘Honour of Siam’… possibly the winners?!!

See Cockerel Fighting for a different version.

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