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Honour of Siam

by Kit
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Quick gag that was found in a very old book [ref?], hence the use of ‘Siam’. However, do not change the name. It’s an ‘old’ honour and only valid for Siam.

All taking part are informed that the leader has been given the privilege of being able to grant anybody they wish with enlightenment and the ‘Honour of Siam’. The honour is given in a simple ceremony:-

All participating sit on their knees facing the organiser and at the end of each phrase bow their heads to the floor with arms outstretched saying each time they do so:

“Oh waa” (bow to floor)
“T-ah nah” (bow to floor)
“Siam” (bow to floor)

– repeat

Participants continue to do this together, speeding up until enlightenment is achieved!

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