Spider Ball

by Kit
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Played: FISH Club, Ewell, Surrey

Use a large enclosed space. Start with two or three throwers. Basic dodgeball rules in that players may move around anywhere within this space.

Non-team version:

One or two players start as the taggers/throwers. Aiming to hit below the waist or below the knee depending on how you want to play the game.

Players when tagged become ‘spiders’, able to move around the periphary of the playing area, but always within touch of the wall (or obstable against wall like a table). So long as they are within reach of the wall they can also throw the ball to tag players. Keep playing till everybody is caught.

Team version:

Similar to the non-version, but one team becomes spiders and the other the flies to be caught. Spiders can move around the room, so long as they stay within touch of the wall (or obstacle touching wall). Choose whether Flies when tagged sit down or sit out the rest of the game to one side.

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