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Silly Scrumple

by Kit
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[Editor: This could be used as an ice-breaker if the group is allowed to mix and have to swap with each person they meet. Leader periodically then calls on two people to carry out the actions described on the pieces of paper.]

One person is selected as the leader (who remains out of the game) all players then get into a circle and each player is given a piece of paper on which they write a silly or not-so-silly action or activity, but without letting others see what they have written (e.g. Bark like a dog or sing a song). Each player then crumples their paper up so that the contents cannot be seen. On the leader’s command players then start to pass the pieces of paper around the circle waiting for the command to stop. When this happens two people are chosen to carry out the instructions on the pieces of paper they have without laughing. Those who laugh are out. Repeat until only two people left.

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