Say Catch!

by Kit
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Sent in by Mellisa Hoyt

Use an easy to catch ball. Best played with groups of 5 or more people. Before the start of each round choose a subject such as names of movies/films or equipment needed to go to the beach, etc.

Players stand in a circle spread out enough from each other, far enough to be spaced out, but close enough that it’s easy to catch a thrown ball. Someone starts by throwing ball to any other player. Before the player who the ball was thrown to can catch the ball, they HAVE to say something that relates to the subject picked at the beginning of the game. For example if the subject was ‘equipment for the beach’ answers could be; towel, bathing suit, chair or anything that relates to the beach, etc.. If a player is wrong before they catch the ball, they’re out!  The last person standing is the winner!

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