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Pin the Tail on the Donkey

by Kit
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You will need:
– Large piece of paper (A3 or better size) with a sketched or well-drawn donkey.
– A separate piece of paper shaped like a tail
– Blue tack or push pin to stick the tail to the paper donkey
– Blindfold.

Very easy traditional children’s birthday party game, certainly in the UK. Used a lot in parties for younger children. You could always play this with a different missing item for older children, teens and adults.

Stick the picture of the donkey to a wall or flat surface at an easy height for players to reach. Players in-turn are given the tail, blindfolded and spun around to disorientate them a bit, then guided towards the donkey. Players have to guess where the tail should go and stick the tail in their hands to the donkey on the wall. Young ones find the resultant misses quite hilarious.

Mark each persons attempt with a cross to work out who gets it the closest.

For variation try different animals.
Squirrel or Fox – ears or tail.
Octopus – tentacles
Jellyfish – tentacles
Unicorn – tail or horn

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