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This game takes its name from the fact the word NEWS also has all the points in the compass North, East, West, South. (The etymology (origin) of the word ‘News’ doesn’t actually derive from this, but from a plural form of ‘New’

A very simple game and one that children always seem to find fun. It’s not just about speed, but a bit of mental agility as well, so even somebody who is fast can be caught out through making a mistake.

In its easiest form, each wall of a large room, hall or sides of playing pitch is delegated as a respective compass point.

Players stand in the middle and when a compass direction is given run to that point, those getting it wrong or being last to get there are knocked out. Can be made more complex by including the sub-compass points eg, SE, SW, NW, NE giving 8 points of the compass to run to and or including ‘special commands’, e.g.:-

Inkypoo” – Lie on your back waving arms and legs in the air shouting “horses, horses”. (This originates from a stunt used on the 6th Form biology field trips at Glyn School.)

Tornado – Spin around on the spot until told to stop or next command given.

Dive-bomb – Lie down on your front hands on heads as if being attacked from the air.

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