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“Mother May I?”

by Kit

One person is chosen to be Mother (or Father) and stands at one end of a room while everybody else lines up against the wall on the other side (if playing outdoors choose a tree or object for the ‘Mother’ to stand by and everybody else to make their way towards).

There’s no rule stated whether ‘Mother’ should be facing or looking away from the other players so you might have some fun deciding which works for you.

Each player in turn then asks ‘Mother’ (“Mother may I….?”) whether they can take a specified number of steps (a number the player chooses) and whether these are

Baby steps” – tiny steps
Turtle Steps” – Slightly larger steps than baby steps
Monster steps” – large steps / strides
Rabbit steps” – Bunny hop jumps (Bunny hops are when you crouch down with hands on the floor just in front of your feet and jump in that fashion)
Tornado steps” – Steps taken while person spins around.

The person playing ‘Mother’ or ‘Father’ then chooses to say “Yes” or “No” allowing that player to advance forward or not. The game stops when one of the players reaches the ‘Mother’/’Father’.

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