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Mindbender: The Vicar’s Sermon

by Kit

‘The vicar chose The Immaculate Conception as the theme for his sermon. He spoke fascinatingly on this subject of the birth of Christ. A total of £12.40 was taken at the collection afterwards.’ What is wrong with that?



Immaculate conception refers to the conception of Mary and not Jesus.

Sent in by Renai McLean

Compiled from various sources:
Immaculate Conception

Roman Catholic belief that from the first instant of its creation, the soul of the Virgin Mary was free from original sin; Not to be confused with that of the Virgin Birth, which holds that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin mother.

Original sin

Is the idea that the sinful choice Adam made in the Garden of Eden is inherited at conception by everybody born and can only be removed by the sacraments of the church. From this arose the concept of Mary's immaculate conception. By God's choice Mary did not inherit the original sin in order that she be a suitable mother for Jesus.

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