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Mindbender: How well do you know your physics?

by Kit
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Some silly questions for you, but you need to know a bit about physics to work these out.

  1. Mad Professor Zweistein has managed to build a car that has an unlimited to speed and incredible breaks that allow it to stop instantly. He only has one problem, the car is seven metres long and his garage can only accommodate a six-metre car. How fast does Professor Zweistein need to drive the car so that it will fit into the garage and when does he need to apply the breaks?
  2. During his attempt to get his car into the garage, Professor Zweistein is caught by a red light camera for driving through an intersection while the light was red. In court, Zweistein defended himself by saying that at the speed he was travelling the red light from the traffic light actually looked green (due to the doppler effect). Being a physics buff himself, the judge decided to take Professor Zweistein at his word. If the standard rate is $1 per km above the speed limit of 60 km/h, how much was the speeding fine issued by the judge to Professor Zweistein?


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