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Kissing Game

by Kit
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Sent in by Becky

“This game is really all about wrestling, so a hard floor is best, to prevent carpet burns. It is one of the most hilarious games I have ever played.”

Good for larger groups and probably better for older children / youth.
Divide the group into a team of boys and a team of girls (see note below if this is not possible). With both teams lined up facing each other a little distance apart (eg either side of a hall). Give each boy a number and each girl a letter. If you have more than 26 girls then start to use double letters, eg AA, BB, CC etc…

1 person (boy or girl) sits in the middle between both teams.
The leader then calls out a number and a letter.
If the person in the middle is a boy, then the girl has to try and kiss the boy sitting down on the cheek to win, while the boy who was called out has to try and kiss the girl on the cheek to win. If it is a girl in the middle, then the boy has to kiss the girl sitting down on the cheek, while the girl has to kiss the boy on the cheek before he kisses the other girl. Whoever wins the match, then sits in the middle.. or you could make that the person who looses has to sit in the middle.

Note / NB: Game leaders.. you need to know your group! Not all children/youth are happy about doing something like this. It is possible to play this game with relatively uneven numbers of boys and girls, but if you prefer to have more even numbers or find you have a group of only or mainly boys or girls you may prefer to come up with some other objective, rather than kissing on the cheek.

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