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Human Tic Tac Toe (Naughts & Crosses)

by Kit
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chairs in a 3x3 arrangement. Lines between on floor in tic tac toe
Sent in by Kristi-Anna and Mike.

“We’ve discovered that this game is better when played by older children (12 + years) who like the tactical challenge and quick thinking (literally on your feet) that’s involved. Younger players can get confused as to what to do.”

Divide players evenly into two teams (you need a minimum of 6 people (3 in each team)) and arrange nine chairs in the centre of a room or playing area in a naughts & crosses/tic tac toe formation as shown below. You could if you want, draw out the grid lines and players just sit on the floor instead of using chairs.

Number each player (1,2,3,4, …. etc) so that they have an opponent in the opposite team. If you have an odd number either get a player to double up on a number or get another leader to join in to make up the numbers.

Call out three numbers. These players then have to run to the chairs and, as in naughts and crosses, as a team create a straight line of three. The first team to do so sitting down wins the round. It’s also useful to stipulate that each team can not make a line using the chairs nearest to them, ie they can use one chair from the chairs closest to them, but not all three!

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