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Slightly adapated from a suggstion by Eyore87Doobers

Equipment: empty metal food can

This game is best played at night. It is a mixture of Hide-n-Seek and Tag but can be played during the day and adapts well to a wide game.

Depending on how many people you have, you choose one person to be the jailer/tagger (you can have 2 or 3 if you would like) and also an area/location to be the designated “prison”. The can is placed near the prison but inside it.

The jailer/s, close their eyes while the rest go and hide somewhere. Then after counting up to a specified number, they can go and look for their soon-to-be prisoners. Capture is by tagging, when a person is tagged the jailer takes them back to the prison and the captured person has to stay there. The only way a prisoner/s may be released is if somebody that has not been captured gets close enough to the prison without capture to kick the can, then all those inside the prison are free. Anybody who attempts to kick the can get caught and placed in prison before or after kicking the can.

Decide when the game is over, typically when either everyone is captured or the jailers give up.

Note: It is better to have more than one jailer so that one can go on a search and chase while the other can guard the prison and the can.

This game is very similar to Coastguards and Smugglers.

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