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Not a quiet game… Play in pairs or as a team, one person chooses a non-sense word or.

Musical Statues

Very old, traditional party game (in the UK) particularly for primary school-age children and almost always played to.

Musical Chairs

Very old, traditional party game, certainly in the United Kingdom, and almost always played to Music. You'll need.


Everybody, except one person, takes a chair and sits on it anywhere they like in the room. The.

Dancing Feet

At a given signal, players alternate from running on the spot very quickly to running around. Can be.


Equipment: Hoops or chalked circles of various sizes scattered around the playing area. Players are told that these.


AKA: Musical Crash or Clump Players mingle or dance around a space. Constantly moving until the leader shouts.

Musical Bumps

Classic, very simple, elimination, party game. Certainly familiar to many in the United Kingdom. Probably much more fun.

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