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Jonah and the Whale

by Kit
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Pamela Bennet:
I take the Anchor Boys within my church. There are only eight of them and it is very difficult to play the ‘traditional’ big wide games that they like, one of the games that we do play is called “Jonah and the Whale”.  It is a version of the playground game ‘Sharks and Divers’ (British Bulldogs)

Also a useful game for playing when teaching the Bible and the story of Jonah and the Whale. One of the children is picked to be the whale and he/she stands in the middle of the floor.  Two ‘dens’ are picked (opposite each other) and the rest of the children are split between them.  These children are the ‘Jonahs’.    The ‘Jonahs’ run between the two ‘dens’ trying not to get caught, but if they are caught they become whales.  The game continues until all the Jonahs have been swallowed.

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