Facebook Like Farming Scams

Dorset Police Cyber Crime Unit have posted a nice piece about Facebook ‘Like Farming’, those pages which look a bit too good to be true, free holidays, free smart phones, free flights, etc. Just for liking, commenting and/or sharing the post. That’s not to say some companies don’t offer this, but it’s worth checking the validity of the page posting the give away. Look for the signs that suggest it’s not as it seems. Eg how long has the page been going for?, how many previous posts? Reputable companies are likely to have had their pages going for a long while and plenty of posts. If there’s only a few posts it’s likely a fake. Are all or ‘mainly all’ the posts on the page offers like this and are the other posts on topic?

“But it can’t hurt to like and share. Can it?” – Actually it does. You could be helping the page owner build towards a much bigger nastier scam, among other things.

Read Dorset Police Cyber Crime Units piece here for more details and other ways to detect fake pages.

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