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Jello in a Tube (Jelly in a Tube)

by Kit
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Sent in by Louis DiGiorgio, 24 Seven Youth group of Cumming G.A. at Christ Community Church

You will need:
– Jello/jelly or similar viscous substance (eg custard)
– large bore (3 inch / 7-8cm diameter) short hollow tube.
– cloths/towels to clean up!

Put the Jell-O [‘Jelly’ to the Brits] in the middle of a short 3 inch round tube. Have a player at each end of the tube and when the leader says ‘go’, both start to blow. The player who stops blowing first ends up with the Jell-O in their face. Water can be used instead of Jell-O if wished.

Suggestion is that players don’t try to put their mouths around the end of the tubes, but have to blow as though blowing a trumpet. Makes it harder and also avoids accidentally gagging on jello.

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