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Instant ID

by Kit
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You will need:
A large thick piece of cloth, sheet or blanket (something you cannot see through)

Divide into two teams. It’s VERY useful if everybody knows each others names (essential even!). But possible as a post-icebreaker when in a group situation and wanting to encourage people to remember names.

Two people (one from each team) or have two leaders who are independent of the teams hold the cloth up to create a curtain that’s above head height between the teams. Each team then quietly selects a person to stand at the curtain facing the other team. When leaders quickly drop the blanket the first person to correctly say the other person’s name earns a point for their team. This game often produces hilarious results.

It’s possible to adapt this game so that rather than shout somebody’s name you have to remember and shout out a quality or information about them. So during an earlier introduction/icebreaker game like ‘Two Truths and a Lie‘, they might have said they like collecting sea shells, while you like collecting comics. The first of you to shout out what the other likes (and get it right!), wins the round.

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