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Infinite Hula Hoop (Bambolê Infinito)

by Kit
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Shared by Marcos Renato Araujo @edf.prof.marcos (Instagram)

Relay race. Needing an equal length of rope and an equal number of hula-hoops per team.

Two people from each team stand holding the ends of the rope facing each other. One of them has the hula hoops around their feet such that they are standing within the hula hoops. The rest of the team line up a little distance away.

Each player in turn has to run up and move all the hoops one-by-one by sliding the hoop up the body of the first person, along the rope and then down the body of the second person. When they have finished moving all the hoops, they run back to the waiting players and tag the next player in line who runs up and repeats this in the opposite direction. Race continues until the last player in the team has completed this.

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