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Hostage Dodge Ball

by Kit
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A simple dodge ball game designed to provoke discussion about being hostage.

1 player is the Captor and chooses 3 other players to become hostages. All other players get to throw the ball. The object of the game is to eliminate the Captor by hitting them with ball below the knee without hitting the hostages. Any hostage hit below the knee is out of the game and the Captor can choose any other person except those already out of the game to take their place.

Everybody has freedom of movement around the playing area, but hostages at all times must remain touching the Captor and go where the Captor goes. Players cannot move when they have the ball and can only throw it.

With large numbers have several people playing the Captor or play it full body ball style so that it is counted a hit if the ball touches any part of the body below the neck.

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