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top view of a paper gift box

Art & Craft idea

A simple but effective gift box that can be made and decorated from A4 thin card or other, to take small gifts of sweets or items to sell or give away.

Figure 1

Create a cardboard template the same shape as Figure 1 above and use this to draw around on your piece of card. 

Cut out the shape and score along the dashed lines in the centre. The box is assembled by folding each of the 4 ‘leaves’ inwards at the score lines so that they interlock with its neighbours at the notches in a four leaf clover pattern. You’ll probably find it easier if you bend two leaves that are opposite each other in first so they interlock at the notches at the top and then bend the remaining two leaves in. 

If you wan to paint/decorate your box, you will probably find decorating the boxes easier while they are flat, before folding them.

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