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by Kit
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Frizbee’s are better known as flying disks and Frizbee Football is a simplified version of Ultimate. The official rules of which can be found here (Official Rules). I have only ever played it under the name of Frizbee Football. When playing this with children / young individuals it’s better to have a smaller playing area as they often can’t throw disks as far or run as much.


frizbee, aerobie or similar flying disk which can be caught by hand.

Playing area:

Use a largish pre-marked rectangular playing area or demark one yourself (as you would a football pitch). The goal is simply posts or markers on the ground demarking the goal area at either end of the pitch.


Frizbee football is a fun energetic game for two teams, which as the name suggests uses a flying disk (or Frisbee) as the ‘ball’. Younger youth find throwing rings such as the Aerobie easier to catch although I’ve known more than one Aerobie to be lost due to an overzealous throw! In its simplest form the rules are:

  • ‘Kick off’ is either by players from opposing teams trying to catch the Frisbee thrown in by the referee or leader. Or by opposing teams deciding on the toss of a coin, in which case teams start from their goal area.
  • Players may not move when in possession of the Frisbee.
  • Interception or tackles are by ‘tag’ touch at which point the player holding the Frisbee must drop it.
  • Goals are scored by a player catching the Frisbee while standing in the goal area of the opposing team. Goals may not be scored by opposing players picking up a Frisbee that has landed in the goal.
  • After any goals are scored. The scoring/attacking team retires to their own half of the pitch and the defending team starts from their goal area.
  • Other rules can be created or adapted to suit the type of group playing.




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