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Also known as “Grandma’s Footsteps”. If you are a Doctor Who fan you could think of this as similar to the Weeping Angels in the episode “Blink”.

Traditional game for a few players or more. Great for a good-sized hall or an open space.

One player (or the leader) is selected to be the spotter (or Grandma or the Doctor) and stands at one end of the hall. All the other players stand at the other end (If you are playing outside in an open space, select an object (eg tree) where the spotter stands and a location for everybody else to start from).

The object of the game is for the players to reach the spotter without being ‘seen to move’. Play starts by the spotter turning their back to the other players. As soon as their back is turned players are free to creep up as quickly or slowly as they wish to the caller. However, the spotter is free to turn around whenever they want and as often as they want. When the spotter turns, all players have to ‘freeze’ and be like statues. If the spotter sees anybody moving they are free to send them back to the other end of the hall (or eliminate from the game).

If a player reaches the spotter to touch them, without being seen moving they win and take their place with the game starting again.

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Bella 28 January 2021 - 09:41

how do you play?


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