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Dog and Bone

by Kit
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Equipment: Small throw-able (hand sized) bean-bag or some other small unbreakable object.

Divide into two teams of equal numbers. Place the bean-bag in the middle of the room, teams can either sit in a big/wide circle around this or in two lines down the edges of a playing area. Either way make sure there is plenty of space between players and the bean-bag.

Give the players in each team a number so that they are partnered off with a player of the same number on the opposite team. When team members hear their number called the objective is to rush to grab the bag and get it back to their space (or goal if preferred) before being tagged/touched by the player with the same number from the opposing team. If players are tagged they must immediately drop the object and the opposing player then must then try to get it back to their line without being tagged in return. Players must have the bag in their hand to win.

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