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Colours – Swimming pool game

Sent in by Allison Eader

One person is chosen to be ‘it’ (the catcher) gets out and faces away from the pool. All the remaining players in the pool chose a colour. The catcher continues to face away from the pool and asks “Do you have your colours?” and if players answer they do the catcher then starts calling out various colours. When a player’s colour is called they have to try and swim across the pool quietly without being heard. The catcher if they hear a player moving can then turn around, jump or dive in and try and tag them before they reach the safety of the other side of the pool. You can use different categories like cars, flowers, etc…

Please keep safety in mind – jumping or diving into pools has its dangers depending on pool deapths, etc. You might find it easier/better to have the catcher stay in the pool up one end with their back turned and swim from there. Although bear in mind how far they have to swim to actually reach the player trying to traverse the pool.

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Remember water is dangerous.
Always put SAFETY FIRST.
Always obey any pool rules
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