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Chase the Ace (Card Game)

by Kit
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some playing cards

For 3 or more players. From a standard pack of cards remove the Jokers, Ace of Clubs, the Ace of Hearts and the Ace of Diamonds, but leave in the Ace of Spades. Deal the remaining cards out, face down, evenly among the players. Having the exact number for each player is not necessary. Any pairs of cards are removed and discarded.

Player keep their cards hidden from the other players through out the game. Player 1 to the left of the dealer starts and chooses one card from the dealer’s set (dealer presents the cards in his/her hand fanned out with card faces away from player 1). If the card now makes a matching pair this pair is now discarded. The next player to the left Player 2 now selects a card from Player 1. Play continues around the circle in this fashion. A player is out when they have discarded all of their cards. The last card left will be the Ace of Spades, and the player holding it at the end is the loser.

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