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8’s (a card game)

Any number of players – Deal 8 cards or less to each to each player who may look at their cards, then place the remainder of the cards face down in the middle.

Dealer starts by throwing down a card a calling suite – going clockwise next player has to follow suite or put down a card of the same denomination or one of the special cards below which affects the next person. If a person is unable to put any card down they must pick a card up from the remaining pile and play then goes onto the next player:-

8 – Miss a go
2 – Pick up two cards from the remaining pile.
J – Pick up one cards from the remaining pile.
Q – Reverse order of play
K – Change suite to one of the players choosing

Object of the game is for a player to get rid of all the cards in their hand. Persons left with only one card left have to knock on the table or face a forfeit.

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