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Boatman, boatman

Variation of Bulldogs. Two areas either side of the hall or pitch become the banks of the river (safe area), the space in between is the river. One or two players are chosen to be the boatmen (catchers) who stand in the river area, while the rest of the players can stand on either ‘river bank’.

When players are ready, all together they call out

Boatman, boatman may we cross the river?“.

The boatman/men then answer

Only if you are… ” and then describes a category such “…wearing blue“.

The boatman’s choice of category can be as general or specific as he/she wishes. All players who meet that category have to run and cross the river to the other side without being caught. Any players who are caught join the boatman in the middle and helps with the catching.


Crocodile, Crocodile

Sent in by Sophie Beresford, Huddersfield

Play as Boatman but use the rhyme “Crocodile, crocodile, may we cross your golden river?”. Facebooktwittermailby feather

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