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Water Bowl Sock Race

by Kit
Water splash.

Have no idea who thought this one up, but it looks fun! Although it is meant to be a race between teams, it is quite possible to play it as a small group challenge. And there is a good chance of getting wet.

Oh… and as players spend all their time in this challenge on their backs with their feet in the air, it might not be suitable for anybody wearing skirts and concerned with decency.


A serving bowl that is able to hold water for each team. Players may find it easier if the bowls are conical or similar in shape, like the IKEA Trygg ones. Considering the nature of the challenge you might prefer to use plastic serving bowls ūüėČ

… and spare pairs of socks for anybody not wearing any.


Break into groups of 4-6 players per team (or a single group challenge if there are not enough). Players take their shoes off, but keep their socks on. Each team/group arranges themselves in a circle, lying on their backs with feet towards the centre of the circle in the air and able to touch each other’s feet, because they have to support the bowl as a team with their feet.

When teams are ready place the bowl within the centre of their feet and let everybody adjust their position so the bowl is held supported in the air ONLY by their feet. Decide whether you want to put water into the bowl after they’ve balanced it, or before. The more water the more chance of people getting wet ūüôā

The challenge is for individuals in the group, in turn, to remove one of their socks without upsetting the bowl of water. To do this they will in turn need to remove one supporting foot, take their sock off (all the while still on their backs) and replace their foot so the next person can remove a sock in turn. Once they have all removed one sock they have to remove the second sock.

It’s understandable at this point why a plastic or shatter-resistant bowl might be preferable.

If playing as teams it’s the first team to remove all their socks without spilling any water that wins. If you want to be more competitive. Fill each bowl with exactly the same amount of water and measure the volume after the competition to see which team has managed to keep the most amount of liquid in their bowl.

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