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Water Polo – Swimming pool game

by Kit
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This is not the official rules. Best played in shallow water where you can easily stand up unless your group is made up of strong swimmers! Needs a pool that is a good 5-8m.

Set up two targets, such as foam floatation board set on end, as goals at either end of the playing area (or proper goals if they happen to be handy). Rules can be improvised, but to simplify:

  • Once a player holds the ball they cannot move, either they must try to score a goal or throw the ball to another player. All other players are free to move, but must remain in the water (including goalkeepers).
  • Play is continuous. Except if the ball goes onto the poolside where it is handed to the nearest ‘goalkeeper’ as a goal throw.
  • Once a goal is scored the ball is given to the referee to be thrown into the middle as a `toss-up’ between teams, or it can be given to the goalkeeper of the side the goal was against.

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Remember water is dangerous.
Always put SAFETY FIRST.
Always obey any pool rules

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