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Stations – Swimming pool game

by Kit
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Droplet of water freeze frame photography

Play as NEWS. but include nautical terms like:

“Port” – Swim to the left side of the pool
“Starboard” – Swim to the right side of the pool
“Stern” – Swim to the back (deep end) of the pool
“Bow” – Swim to the front (shallow end) of the pool
“Shark” – Swim to any edge and get out of the water, fast!
“Whale” – Swim/float on your back and create a ‘blow’ (water fountain) with their cupped hand or feet.
“Pirate” – Everybody huddle together in the middle of the pool (or shallow end)
“Shipwreck” – Everybody forms a human line through linked hands from one side of the pool to the other (or as far as possible)

Caution icon
Remember water is dangerous.
Always put SAFETY FIRST.
Always obey any pool rules

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