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Stow the Cargo

by Kit
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Court arrangement for stow the cargo. 4 square areas in a line.


  • 2 large open boxes or something else that can used as a small goal.
  • 20 or more bean bags divided equally between teams.

Set up the playing area as follows:-

2 teams A and B. Team A’s goal is placed in the area behind Team B, and vice versa. Each team chooses one team member to act as a backstop (Ga and Gb) for their goal. The rest of the team stand in the central areas respectively. Dividing the bean bags equally, teams in the central areas try to score goals by throwing the bean bags into the boxes. Any missing the boxes are picked up by the backstops and thrown back to their own team players. Each team may only use only those bags that land in their area or which they have intercepted.

Finish the game after a time limit or when the supply of bean bags is exhausted. Most scored wins. Depending on the size of the goal and skill of the players ‘backstops’ can be allowed to defend the goals or not.

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