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Stick (Card Game)

by Kit
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Some playing cards
Sent in by Kathrin Logan

Silly but fun game for any number of players of 3 or more, but best in small groups. This game can get extremely fast and players win by being able to concentrate on several things at once….

One person is chosen as dealer. Pack shuffled and 4 cards are dealt to each person playing including the dealer. The rest of pack is placed face down in front of dealer. Object of the game is get 4 cards of the same rank (ace, 1, 2, 3 – king). Dealer proceeds to take the top card from the pack in front of them and decides whether to keep it or pass it on face down to the player on their left (clockwise). When the dealer has passed the card on they immediately take the next card from the pile, check it and then pass it on. Each player once they have been given a card does the same… Those who are a bit slower at checking soon find a small pile building up for them to check through. Last person (right of the dealer) just discards their unwanted cards in a pile in front of them.

As soon as a player gets four cards of the same rank they continue to pass the cards around, BUT stick their tongue out unobtrusively so that it only just sticks out and is visible to everybody else playing. Players as soon as they see another player has stuck their tongue out, also do the same and continue to pass cards around.. Last player to notice looses and is given the first letter of the word ‘Stick’. On subsequent losses the get the other letters in turn until they have the whole word at which point they are out.

Dealer changes each round to the person to the left.. or right of dealer last time or whatever you choose!

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