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Satan’s Revenge

by Kit
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Sent in by Michelle Demarest, Inspiration Youth Traveling Theatre Troupe

“BEWARE!!!! This game can be very rowdy!!… …We talk about how this game relates to the real world after we play. This game is very addictive. We’ve played it every Sunday all summer! This game is best played in a church or building with lots of available rooms.”

Michelle Demarest

You will need:

  • Pieces of card, one for each player
  • Pen or pencil to write on them.
  • Scarf or similar soft object.

Use a scarf or something to act as a ‘flag’ and put it in a neutral location such as a foyer. On one card write “Christian” on the other write “Satan”. The remaining cards are left blank. Fold cards so nobody can see which ones have something written on them.

Everyone draws a card and finds a room to hide in until they hear the leader yell “Go!”. Satan before the leader calls ‘Go’ needs to fetch the flag and hide it, but may only hide the flag in plain sight. It must remain visible. The game works best if played in the dark so Satan can use that to their advantage.

When the leader calls ‘Go’, the object of the game is for Satan to kill everyone while everybody else has to find the flag before Satan kills them. To kill, all Satan has to do is squeeze their shoulder and say “you’re dead”. The player then counts to 10 and finds a creative way to die. Satan can move the flag anytime they wish but if they are carrying the flag they can not kill.

The Christian has the power to resurrect anyone. All they have to do is touch the dead person and say “you are forgiven”, but the Christian can die too and then there is no hope. The winner is Satan if everyone is dead or whoever finds the flag.

It might help to make anybody playing it to do so in silence because otherwise players tend to share who Satan is and that ruins the suspense.

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