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Pole Game

by Kit
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Submitted by Joan Esser

Preparation: Take a 5 foot (1.5m) closet pole / wooden pole. Drill holes all the way through at either end to be able to pass some string or thin rope through (Enough to tie around a waist).  In the middle of the pole drill another hole at right angles (top to bottom) straight through and a hole through the top of a tennis ball.  Tie a knot large enough in a piece of string around 2 foot (60cm) so that you can shove it into the ball and the end will stay in securely.  Thread the other end of that string through the middle hole of the pole tie it off and let the ball hang.

The object of the game is to tie the pole to a players hips on each end. With their hands behind their back, they must swing the ball around the pole until it is wound to the end.  Then reverse the effort to unwind it. You can make this is a timed game and can be with as many groups of two that you want. Hip movement and coordination of movement with your teammate a must.

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